Linkin Park Return: Lost Demos Dominates the Charts

Linkin Park Return: Lost Demos Dominates the Charts

It’s fantastic to hear legendary rock band Linkin Park return with their latest album “Lost Demos.” After the tragic loss of lead singer Chester Bennington in 2017, they have made a strong return, as this marks their first appearance on the Billboard charts in five years.

Linkin Park Return: A Long-Awaited Comeback

Linkin Park Return: Lost Demos Dominates the Charts

Fans are wondering what will happen to Linkin Park now that Chester Bennington has passed away because the band has remained relatively quiet. But with the release of “Lost Demos” they are once again in the limelight, drawing in listeners and reigniting their musical career.

Linkin Park Return: What Are “Lost Demos” and How Do We Enter The Past?

Linkin Park’s “Lost Demos” is more than just another album; it’s a treasury of unreleased tracks and demos from their Meteora period. A deluxe version box set was the initial vehicle for the album’s release. The release on vinyl for Record Store Day piqued the interest of many fans.

Vinyl Makes a Return

With 8,500 copies sold over the past tracking period, “Lost Demos” had a significant impact on the charts. One major factor contributing to this increase in sales is the recent surge in popularity of vinyl records. Once considered quaint, vinyl records are enjoying a renaissance thanks to music lovers who value the tactile and emotional connection they provide.

Thrive on the Newsstand

“Lost Demos” rose to the top of the Billboard 200, an American chart that ranks the best-selling albums and EPs of all time. The album is Linkin Park’s sixteenth to appear on this significant chart, and its debut at No. 191 demonstrates the band’s continued popularity.

Taking charge of record sales

Not only does the album do well on the Billboard 200. But it also creates a stir on the Top record sales chart. At number 26, Linkin Park was the third-highest ranked act, behind Busta Rhymes and The Doors. This success demonstrates the band’s ability to establish an emotional connection with their audience via music.

Linkin Park Return: They sell a lot of vinyl records.

The fact that “Lost Demos” topped the Vinyl Albums chart as well as the general album charts was not unexpected. In their fourth appearance in this category, Linkin Park secured the fourteenth rank. An undeniable factor in the record comeback is the band’s recent string of successes. Spectators adore the format’s analogue cosiness.

Linkin Park Return: A Rising Vinyl Star

The greatest position for the week for the song “Lost Demos” on the Vinyl Albums chart is No. 14. With their most recent achievement being the second-best start of the frame. Linkin Park has only made it into this list four times. Linkin Park’s excellent debut album solidified their position in the record resurgence. And however Mac Miller’s ‘Watching Movies with the Sound Off’ is the greatest tune.

When Linkin Park released “Lost Demos” again, it was more than simply a musical return. It was a sign of the band’s devotion to their beloved audience. Rock legends continue to carve out new niches for themselves in the dynamic music industry, proving that their impact will endure and that rock music is thriving.